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our history

Handmade products, designed and manufactured in Sweden

We started mine forever as a tribute to life as life in many cases is not so obvious. We think you should live life alive, because so far we only have one each. Through your purchase of a forever mine product, you contribute to the development of organizations that work for life, so more lives can be lived alive.

All our products are designed and manufactured with a handmade process in our production in Eksund just outside Norrköping, Sweden.

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our history

Hey! My name is Joel Andersson. I am the CEO and founder of this company. Here is a short story about me and us forever mine.

It all really started with a Christmas present for my two children in Christmas 2017 (I have two daughters 5 and 8 years old). Then my own feeling and memory is so strong from the day I got to see and hear my girls for the first time. Hear their heart and see how they moved in my children’s mother’s womb. I chose to make a “belly lamp” and a sign with their ultrasound on, together with their own molded foot. Wrapped them in a Christmas present and put them under the Christmas tree. These pictures must be there forever! Be the first to be on my kids! Then I returned to my usual job as a production technician at a very wonderful and fun company that specializes in aids for the disabled where I worked for a little more than 10 years. With each passing day and the packages were under the Christmas tree at home, the idea grew that it was pretty good there, well maybe I should take the step and come up with something out of this. After all, a couple of children are born every year and quite a few ultrasounds are made as well! Everyone must get the chance to immortalize their first pictures of the children! They fade or are neglected in any move otherwise, it must not happen! I thought for a few hours and picked up the phone, calling three of my best and closest friends with very different backgrounds and knowledge. We put together a constellation of 4 people that I can proudly and straight back stand and say that I do not think you can find in many places. The products got better and better and were fully developed one by one.

The ideas were many and a discussion about mental illness, suicide, children who do not have the right conditions, children cancer. Yes the list can be made long but there was born the name and the idea behind donating money, no one can do everything but everyone can do something, six months later we were ready to show off our idea and creation “Forever mine”!

The ideas are still many and the products will be more, so feel free to follow us on our social media and share our great message and products. We also have a division for photographers; studio.forevigtmin.se

Hope life plays out there and that you find something that suits you! Thank you for making it possible for me to support important organizations forever through your purchase with us.

Joel Andersson CEO and founder

Aid organizations

Why choose to donate money continuously and constantly? Because we believe in a better future. And if we can help make it a little better, we’ll be happy to do so. We have selected some aid organizations we believe in, but if you would like to donate your share to a special organization that we have not listed, it is good to write the name of the organization in the free text.

Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.

Business concept and vision

We are humble about life, and we are happy that we got the chance to share our products with the outside world. But our products will not be complete without you. It is your contribution, for example to LifeSign, that makes it complete. It is you who decides what your product should look like through your own pictures.

All our products are handmade locally with the same accuracy and love. We must have short decision paths, fast deliveries and we must be world-class in customer service.

We hope you have a good experience through your purchases with us.

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