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As simple as that


Take a picture of your ultrasound image

Put your ultrasound image on the wall in a bright room with a small piece of tape. Take a picture of the ultrasound straight from the front. Take photos without flash and try to include as little glitter as possible in the image. Remember to include the entire image. Better that you get some information around the ultrasound image. We cut it off during the editing then so it becomes completely black.

2. Upload your image

Go to “Our products” and select the product you want to buy. Once on the product page, you choose stone lining, size of photo and with or without lighting. Based on your choices, the price will be adjusted. Then press “Upload image” and select your image. When the image has been uploaded correctly, you will see a small thumbnail image of the image you have chosen to upload. If you want to change the image, all you have to do is click on “Upload image” again and then select the image you want instead.

3. Finishing of image with us

If you are unsure that the picture did not turn out well, you do not need to worry! We always examine all images carefully before production. If so, we will get back to you if something does not look right. Together we create great memories that you can keep forever.

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