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Nightlamp x Photography


139 £

Immortalize the finest you have with you
a beautiful night light.

See product information for
additional information.


Product information


The product is a night light intended for wall mounting. The ceiling has a unique motif, which you decide for yourself.


Upload your own image


Upload your own picture and let it have a nice place in your home. Feel free to read our frequently asked questions and answers if you have thoughts about how to upload your own image. See an example picture of what a good photography looks like.

Ordinary images, you can only choose the one you want directly from your image library.


Technical description


The total dimensions of the product are Ø25 cm in diameter and 7 cm deep. The subject you choose to upload is applied with an exclusive method (uv-print) to get the highest possible reproduction.

The screen is shaped and made of environmentally friendly PETG material. Lamp E27, sold separately. The power cord is a white braided fabric cable.


Materials & Environment


What we do today affects future generations. We want all our children and their children and all other children around the world to have the opportunity to experience a beautiful world. We do what we can by using materials and procedures so that the environment is affected as little as possible.

Additional information

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Nightlamp x Photography

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Nightlamp x Photography

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Nightlamp x Photography

Nightlamp x Photography

This is how simple it is

You can easily and quickly shoot your ultrasound image with your phone and upload. We will finish your picture1.

1 Read more about how we finish your image.

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